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Despite the efforts being made online, there is still nothing as alluring as receiving information through the post, but for it to be effective, it must be done in the right way.

When a business is trying to keep momentum with its marketing efforts, it’s not unusual for it to focus on the online segments of the business, but many businesses are amazed to learn that a little investment into the vessel that transports the information can make all the difference as to whether it's opened or not.

Regardless of whether a business is looking to maintain relationships into the new year by sending a Christmas card, or it's looking to catch the eye of potential customers, the envelope used can be worth just as much as its contents.

Finding the Right Envelope

Using an original style of envelope is probably something that has entered the mind of several business owners, but sourcing professional and cost-effective designs can be difficult when searching the high street.

Fortunately, Envelope Kings has recognised the need for envelopes that offer something different and is able to offer business owners a slew of different designs that can appease any occasion, be it a Christmas card or an invite to the event.

Despite there being several different envelopes to choose from, it’s still important that the envelope fits the persona of the contents.

For example, those looking to send an invite may want a sleek but premium envelope, whereas those sending invites for a social event may want something that catches the eye and the imagination.

Plenty of Choice

Envelope Kings has built its reputation on its extensive range of original envelope ideas. Tissue-lined envelopes can be compared to a suit, in that as well as the outer aesthetics packing a punch, so too does the interior.

Capture the true essence of Christmas with a red tissue-lined envelope, which matches perfectly with the ivory exterior.

If you’re looking for something that represents the season of winter, then the white-tissue lined options offer a minimalist but professional design which will still make an impression, regardless of whether you’re sending cards to families or customers.

Have you planned a business event, but want to ensure there is a more social aspect to the gathering? Then tissue-lined envelopes can add a touch of originality without being deemed unprofessional.

The series of metallic foil line envelopes offer a professional black finish with a luxurious foil interior. Silver metallic foil envelopes are ideal for all sorts of occasions and come in a variety of different sizes.

If you’re more a fan of gold than fear not. Envelope Kings can also offer customers a series of gold metallic foil envelopes, which again come in a series odd different sizes.

This makes it the perfect envelope for black tie events, charity events and even those who enjoy modern décor.

No Size Restraints

Some people like sending cute mini cards, whereas others prefer to send something a little larger. Regardless of your preference, rest assured that will be something that piques your interest in the size you need, allowing you to create the perfect experience every time.

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