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metallic foiled envelopes

Despite the efforts being made online, there is still nothing as alluring as receiving information through the post, but for it to be effective, it must be done in the right way.

When a business is trying to keep momentum with its marketing efforts, it’s not unusual for it to focus on the online segments of the business, but many businesses are amazed to learn that a little investment into the vessel that transports the information can make all the difference as to whether it's opened or not.

Regardless of whether a business is looking to maintain relationships into the new year by sending a Christmas card, or it's looking to catch the eye of potential customers, the envelope used can be worth just as much as its contents.

Finding the Right Envelope

Using an original style of envelope is probably something that has entered the mind of several business owners, but sourcing professional and cost-effective designs can be difficult when searching the high street.

Fortunately, Envelope Kings has recognised the need for envelopes that offer something different and is able to offer business owners a slew of different designs that can appease any occasion, be it a Christmas card or an invite to the event.

Despite there being several different envelopes to choose from, it’s still important that the envelope fits the persona of the contents.

For example, those looking to send an invite may want a sleek but premium envelope, whereas those sending invites for a social event may want something that catches the eye and the imagination.

Plenty of Choice

Envelope Kings has built its reputation on its extensive range of original envelope ideas. Tissue-lined envelopes can be compared to a suit, in that as well as the outer aesthetics packing a punch, so too does the interior.

Capture the true essence of Christmas with a red tissue-lined envelope, which matches perfectly with the ivory exterior.

If you’re looking for something that represents the season of winter, then the white-tissue lined options offer a minimalist but professional design which will still make an impression, regardless of whether you’re sending cards to families or customers.

Have you planned a business event, but want to ensure there is a more social aspect to the gathering? Then tissue-lined envelopes can add a touch of originality without being deemed unprofessional.

The series of metallic foil line envelopes offer a professional black finish with a luxurious foil interior. Silver metallic foil envelopes are ideal for all sorts of occasions and come in a variety of different sizes.

If you’re more a fan of gold than fear not. Envelope Kings can also offer customers a series of gold metallic foil envelopes, which again come in a series odd different sizes.

This makes it the perfect envelope for black tie events, charity events and even those who enjoy modern décor.

No Size Restraints

Some people like sending cute mini cards, whereas others prefer to send something a little larger. Regardless of your preference, rest assured that will be something that piques your interest in the size you need, allowing you to create the perfect experience every time.

Where Do I Find Quality Christmas Coloured Envelopes? 0

Christmas envelopes

The festive period can mean different things to different people, but it’s a time when we reach out loved ones and those close to us and let them know we’re thinking of them.

Of course, when sending Christmas cards, we want to ensure that we’re conveying the right message, along with a design that is alluring and fits in with the joy of Christmas.

Although many people put time and effort into choosing the right Christmas card, they don’t always invest as much time as to what envelope should be used.

This can often be due to the limited choice available on the high street, and even when there are solutions available, Christmas envelopes can be expensive depending on the store you visit.

Fortunately, Envelope Kings are specialist in all forms of envelopes, regardless of whether they for use in the office or to send a message to that someone special.

What’s So Different About Christmas Envelopes?

When buying Christmas cards in bulk, many will be familiar with the generic envelopes included. The use of Christmas envelopes from Envelope Kings allows you to create the perfect Christmas card that will impress anyone who receives it.

The use of Christmas envelopes can even be beneficial for businesses. Rather than forwarding generic Christmas cards with printed messages, the use of Christmas coloured envelopes shows other businesses that you pay attention to the smaller details, which can be beneficial for business relationship moving forward.

An Abundance of Choice

Envelope Kings understands that while people love receiving Christmas cards with the personal touch, there has to some choice as to what envelope you use. Not only do you have to decide which colour you wish to use, but you may also need to choose several different sizes.

Fortunately, the choice available from Envelope Kings ensures that whatever you taste are, there will be an envelope that suits your requirements.

Those who want a basic design with a luxurious finish can opt for the classic white diamond envelope, whereas those looking for a colour scheme that fits in with the natural aesthetics of Christmas can choose from Christmas green and poppy red Christmas card envelopes.

If you’re looking for a colour that’s a little more unique, but still fits in with the ambience of Christmas, then why not make use of the metallic silver and gold options.

As well as offering customers an abundance of choice in relation to envelope Christmas colours, there is also plenty of choice in relation to sizes.

Sizes range from 140x140mm to 162x229mm, so regardless of the size of the Christmas card, Envelope Kings can help.

Why Use Envelope Kings?

As well as offering customers a wide range of Christmas card colours and sizes, Envelope Kings prides itself on its prompt delivery, cost-effectiveness and quality.

If you’re looking to make an impression with a loved one or looking to cement business relationships over the festive period, then why not visit Envelope Kings and choose from several different Christmas coloured envelopes.

What Type of Envelope Should be Used for Business? 0

string and washer envelopes

The humble envelope is an everyday item that many of us take for granted, but there are numerous ways of embracing envelopes that not only add practicality in the workplace, but also allow employees to keep their information contained and up-to-date.

Within a work environment, it can be important to have several different types of envelopes to hand. For example, those wanting to ensure their time sheets are always to hand may use string and washer envelopes.

Those looking to separate marketing material may employ the use of coloured envelopes, as they are still aesthetically pleasing, as well as cost-affordable.

Although the advancements of technology have ensured that there are many ways of communicating with others, there’s still those who like to rely on a tactile and straightforward way of staying in touch.

Similarly, those looking to retain records and make an impact with a portfolio will also rely on technology but having all the information contained within an aesthetically-pleasing envelope ensures that regardless of the approach you take, you’re always making the right impressions.

Different Options for Different Businesses

A lot of businesses can seem similar on the service, but the truth is that each one will be different in its own way. As such, the way it deals with external and internal communications can also differ.

When trying to determine which envelope will suit your needs best, it’s helpful to think about the impression you’re trying to make, as well as the needs of the business.

Those who receive generic letters, such as bills, will find that there is very little aesthetic quality to the envelope. This is because the envelope merely acts as a way of transporting correspondence, so for the most part, the envelope will be ripped open and disposed of within seconds.

When the company is sending marketing material through the post, it’s not uncommon for the envelope to be more pleasing on the eye, which is often done via the use of logos and creative envelopes.

However, those looking to make an impression or use the envelope for the long-term will need to ensure that the envelopes they use are fit for purpose.

There can also be the colour to consider. While a simple colour is fine for everyday communications, those looking to maintain order in the workplace will often need access to a choice of colours.

How Will the Envelope Be Used Within the Workplace?

Envelopes can be used in the workplace in various ways. In some instances, they may be used to transport memos and newsletters to the relevant departments, there are also times when employees will need something for their appraisals or for keeping a record of expenses.

String and button envelopes are not only robust enough for hundreds of uses within the office, they also make the ideal tool for those looking to make the perfect marketing pitch, or those wishing to keep sensitive information within the relevant departments.

White string and washer envelopes can be perfect for submitting your CV, and as the envelopes come in several different sizes, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find something that meets your needs.

Given the many factors a business must consider, it stands to reason that it will require a company that is not only cost-effective, but also home to a vast choice of envelopes.

Envelope Kings can contend with every aspect of your business, regardless of whether your company requires conventional envelopes for forwarding invoices or an envelope that is immersive and tactile for marketing purposes.  


Why Use Pillow Packaging? 1

pillow boxes

Regardless of whether you run a mail order business or looking for alternative ways to send gifts through the post, the use of pillow packaging could the answer you’re looking for.

It’s understandable that some don’t get too excited by stationary, but the demand for pillow boxes is strong and for good reason. Not only can they be used to send gifts, goods and invites through the post, but can also be used to create gifts for others on special events, such as birthdays and weddings.

Although there are other ways of sending items through the post, not all of them have that unique look or personal touch that many are looking for.

This isn’t to say that the appeal of pillow packs is limited to the aesthetics but having an attractive envelope that is also robust will often tick the boxes when looking to send items and gifts through the post.

When sending gifts and items through the post, some will want something a little stronger to ensure that the item arrives safely. Fortunately, corrugated pillow boxes not only offer the same eye-catching appeal of conventional pillow boxes but offer additional protection for fragile items. 

Of course, the use of pillow boxes isn’t limited to sending goods via mail order, as they have many uses, which is why they remain so popular today.

Ideal for Marketing and Promotions

When it comes to sending out marketing material, discounts and free samples, any business owner will want to ensure that the goods arrive in good condition.

Not only are pillow boxes ideal for sending objects people are waiting on, but the diverse range of colours means that the is always a way of making the right impression, whether it be with other businesses or consumers.

Great for Gifts and Birthdays

Some may not pay much attention to the packaging when sending gifts or vouchers through the post, but given how affordable pillow boxes are, it can be a worthwhile investment to give your gift a more personal touch.

Regardless of whether the person you’re forwarding an item too is a fan of gold, or prefers something more neutral, you can be confident that there is a pillar envelope that makes the perfect accompaniment to any gift.

Create Wedding Pillow Boxes

Wedding pillow boxes are also referred to as favour boxes, are essentially a cheap but personal way of saying thank you to everyone who attended your big day.

When looking at luxury pillow boxes, everyone will have their own preference, but this isn’t to say that the colour of the pillow packs should affect the overall quality.

The choice available from the Envelope Kings website ensures that regardless of whether you’re searching for glossy pillow boxes or something a little more unique, you can be assured that the quality of the envelope always exceeds expectations.

Envelope Kings is proud to be home to a mass of envelope options, regardless of whether you need everyday envelopes for the office or something with a bit more personality for that someone special.





How to Make an Impact with Your Mailing 0

direct mailing envelopes


Protecting your product when direct mailing should be your primary concern; it’s essential to deliver an undamaged product in perfect condition. But your choice of packaging also gives you an additional opportunity to engage directly with your customer. 

Gone are the days when envelopes were a mere plain covering to protect your mailing inside. When your product, brochure or letter is delivered, the envelope is the first impression you give, and that impression matters.

Your mailing can either drown among the sea of advertising and bills or it can provide an instantly recognisable beacon to announce your arrival and make your customer reach through the sea of mail and pick out that one piece. Using an attention-grabbing envelope can build anticipation for your mailing and make the recipient more inclined to pay attention to its contents.

Envelope Kings offers a huge range of high-quality packaging options which provide first-class protection for your mailing while also enhancing your brand image by allowing you to showcase your company’s creativity and passion, right from that important first impression.

Here are some packaging ideas to help you deliver a sense of excitement and stand out from the crowd. All are available in a range of colours and sizes.

Bubble Padded Envelopes

From £0.06

String & Washer Envelopes

From £0.28

Bright Coloured Peel & Seals

From £0.08

Metallic Foil Envelopes

From £0.03

Book Wraps

From £0.64

Board Backed Envelopes

From £0.07

Envelope Kings offers one of the largest range of envelopes in the world with over 5000 products to choose from so if you don’t see a product that suits you here, take a look at our full product range.

You can also sign up to the Envelope Kings Royalty Points program to earn points on your orders and receive discounts on future purchases.

Envelope Kings Launch New Website 0


#1 Site for Envelopes

The leading supplier of bespoke envelopes has launched a new, user friendly, website. Envelope Kings offers over 5000 different items, which could be difficult to navigate around a website if you were looking for something specific; the new improved website makes finding the product you need a whole lot easier.

The site has been structured into main areas with products and services sporting drop down menus enabling you quick access to the areas you actually want without having to wade through the stuff you do not need. Other great features include:

  • Chat online via the site with a member of staff to discuss your requirements
  • Utilise the search facility to find what you need quickly
  • Sign up to the Royalty Points program where you can receive discounts on future purchases
  • Share us on social media and gain Royalty Points
  • Shop by colour or product

On offer at Envelope Kings

This is not a normal envelope supplier. You can get bespoke products made for you and only you; even being able to choose non-standard sized envelopes, nothing is impossible. From wedding envelopes stationary to corporate envelopes, they can supply you with items from a range of products in over 250 different colour choices. Personalising these products make them unique to you and add that extra level of professionalism. Being able to shop either by colour or product gives you greater control over your search on the site. There are also ‘Featured’ products, which can go alongside your envelope purchases or as stand-alone orders. From book wraps, metallic bubble bags and tissue and foil lined envelopes you are sure to find something to suit your needs.




Envelope Kings can be as involved or not as you see fit. Offering services such as bespoke designs, digital printing and envelope overprinting, you will be hard pushed not to find what you are looking for from your envelope supplier.

If you have never seen the Envelope Kings website, now is the time to do it. The site uses clean lines and simple images to portray Envelope Kings products and services in a clever way. All the new features make the new improved website easily accessible to everyone from single orders to large multiple clients. Whatever your envelope needs, Envelope Kings have it covered.

Make your products unique and memorable, use Envelope Kings website to find out more.