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Protecting your product when direct mailing should be your primary concern; it’s essential to deliver an undamaged product in perfect condition. But your choice of packaging also gives you an additional opportunity to engage directly with your customer. 

Gone are the days when envelopes were a mere plain covering to protect your mailing inside. When your product, brochure or letter is delivered, the envelope is the first impression you give, and that impression matters.

Your mailing can either drown among the sea of advertising and bills or it can provide an instantly recognisable beacon to announce your arrival and make your customer reach through the sea of mail and pick out that one piece. Using an attention-grabbing envelope can build anticipation for your mailing and make the recipient more inclined to pay attention to its contents.

Envelope Kings offers a huge range of high-quality packaging options which provide first-class protection for your mailing while also enhancing your brand image by allowing you to showcase your company’s creativity and passion, right from that important first impression.

Here are some packaging ideas to help you deliver a sense of excitement and stand out from the crowd. All are available in a range of colours and sizes.

Bubble Padded Envelopes

From £0.06

String & Washer Envelopes

From £0.28

Bright Coloured Peel & Seals

From £0.08

Metallic Foil Envelopes

From £0.03

Book Wraps

From £0.64

Board Backed Envelopes

From £0.07

Envelope Kings offers one of the largest range of envelopes in the world with over 5000 products to choose from so if you don’t see a product that suits you here, take a look at our full product range.

You can also sign up to the Envelope Kings Royalty Points program to earn points on your orders and receive discounts on future purchases.

Envelope Kings Launch New Website 0


#1 Site for Envelopes

The leading supplier of bespoke envelopes has launched a new, user friendly, website. Envelope Kings offers over 5000 different items, which could be difficult to navigate around a website if you were looking for something specific; the new improved website makes finding the product you need a whole lot easier.

The site has been structured into main areas with products and services sporting drop down menus enabling you quick access to the areas you actually want without having to wade through the stuff you do not need. Other great features include:

  • Chat online via the site with a member of staff to discuss your requirements
  • Utilise the search facility to find what you need quickly
  • Sign up to the Royalty Points program where you can receive discounts on future purchases
  • Share us on social media and gain Royalty Points
  • Shop by colour or product

On offer at Envelope Kings

This is not a normal envelope supplier. You can get bespoke products made for you and only you; even being able to choose non-standard sized envelopes, nothing is impossible. From wedding envelopes stationary to corporate envelopes, they can supply you with items from a range of products in over 250 different colour choices. Personalising these products make them unique to you and add that extra level of professionalism. Being able to shop either by colour or product gives you greater control over your search on the site. There are also ‘Featured’ products, which can go alongside your envelope purchases or as stand-alone orders. From book wraps, metallic bubble bags and tissue and foil lined envelopes you are sure to find something to suit your needs.




Envelope Kings can be as involved or not as you see fit. Offering services such as bespoke designs, digital printing and envelope overprinting, you will be hard pushed not to find what you are looking for from your envelope supplier.

If you have never seen the Envelope Kings website, now is the time to do it. The site uses clean lines and simple images to portray Envelope Kings products and services in a clever way. All the new features make the new improved website easily accessible to everyone from single orders to large multiple clients. Whatever your envelope needs, Envelope Kings have it covered.

Make your products unique and memorable, use Envelope Kings website to find out more.